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Stribog Konsult Ltd was founded 2011, from a team of professionals with more than 20 years of programming experience. We formed our team working on different projects, first for different companies, then as freelancers. At the end, we decided to found our company. This way we can provide better freelance services, and also we can offer our own services and products.


  • Dobromir Stoev - VOIP - Asterisk PBX; Web applications and design - PHP,Python,Perl,Smarty Template Engine, MySQL,JavaScript,TypeScript JQuery; Windows Programming - C#,C++,Delphi; Android Application development;iOS (Swift) Application development;
  • Nickolay Neshev - VOIP - Asterisk PBX; Embedded programming; Linux programming; Windows Programming; Android Application development; Web applications - Perl,Python; Qt - desktop, mobile, embedded.Python
  • Stoyan Mihaylov - VOIP - Asterisk PBX, Kamailio (sip express router); Android Application development including NDK; Linux programming; Medical applications for Windows, and Android; Qt - desktop and embedded.

Company Skills:

  • Java (and Kotlin) programming for Android
  • NDK (C/C++) Android Application development
  • Web applications and design - PHP,Python,Perl,Smarty Template Engine, MySQL,JavaScript,TypeScript JQuery,CSS,Less,HTML5,WebRTC
  • Embedded programming
  • Linux programming
  • Windows Programming- C#,C++,Delphi
  • Qt - desktop, mobile, embedded.
  • Python,Perl,Shell Script applications development
  • Node JS server side scripts
  • VOIP (Voice Over IP) - Asterisk PBX, Kamailio (sip express router)
  • Docker - servers and GUI
  • VPN - Wireguard, OpenVPN
  • Radius server based projects
  • Signal processing - mainly ECG - using filters, FFT 2DFFT

Our Last Projects


  • Speedometer - replaces speedometer for bicycle. Can be used for many outdoor activities (bicycle, walk, run etc).
  • FitClock - analog clock with metronome, opportunities for keeping track of fitness activity.
  • StribogECG - ECG viewer for Android devices. It is based on the biosyg library, and is distributed under GPL.
  • Imsdroid variants. We did modifications of Imsdroid - SIP client for Economy calling to make it easier for usage and to fit better our clients needs.
  • bt DUN - Makes dial-up networking via bluetooth for Internet through external GSM phone.
  • bt Terminal - Remote terminal to external GSM phone.
  • Balance Control – collects USSD messages, easy request of USSD.
  • Lockit VPN - OpenVPN based vpn application


  • Lockit VPN - OpenVPN based vpn application


  • Помагало за учениците кандидатстващи след 7 клас -ScoolWish7. Безплатно средство - предоставящо удобен начин за подреждане на желаните дисциплини от различните училища предлагащи прием след 7 клас (за София). Базирано на PHP,Mysql ,Bootstrap.
  • Some projects that are owned by the sponsoring companies, and which we have no right to mention (Mostly PHP+Mysql+Vanilla JS/Jquery)

QT and Linux

  • Custom media center, using self built Qt on a platform based on iMX53 board.
  • Qt Applications for platforms Raspberry PI and Odroid series U and C
  • Multiplatform Qt Applications for automatically software installation on the routers.
  • Special purpose OpenWrt images for a lot of routers.
  • Lockit VPN Desktop - Windows and Linux clients
  • Lockit VPN Servers - Linux servers for Lockit VPN


  • GlobeRemote - 8051 based device for telemetry, security and control over GSM network
  • CryptoPhone - Embedded Linux Cyrix ARM device for encrypted voice over ISDN

Thuraya Satellite projects

  • GlobeConnect - 8051 based device Voice, data, fax, telemetry, security and control over Thuraya satellite. The first our device with Firmware Over the air(FOTA), using cryptography.
  • SelSat - Voice, data, fax, GPS tracking, telemetry, security and control device - use Thuraya satellite. Using new hardware, fastest 8051 CPU and FOTA using improved 128 bit cryptography
  • The eye - Voice, data and SMS using Thuraya satellite, with WiFi connectivity. Embedded Linux Cirrus Logic device.
  • TrackME - 8051 Device for GPS tracking and logging use SO-2510 Thuraya satellite phone

Medical projects

  • Medical information system. It allowed telemedical consultations, based on all data available for patients, including images, blood pressure records from Holters, ECG.
  • ECG - computer based ECG, with opportunity for long records (up to hour), HRV with FFT and wavelet analysis.

Voice Over IP (Asterisk) projects

  • Thuraya termination - a project for SIP to Thuraya, and Thuraya to SIP termination.
  • Freelance projects with Asterisk and Kamailio. As freelancers, we participated in many projects with Asterisk - writing AGI and AMI scripts, using Perl or PHP, modifying Asterisk sources according to client's needs.
  • Economy Calling - SIP video and conference calls - VOIP back-end and web interface front-end.


  • ESP32 Camera - Motion detection and Alarm device
  • ESP32 LoRA - Low energy long range communication device
  • Gesture sensor - Door open/close device based on laser distance measure