Balance Control

This project keeps your USSD messages, allow easy dialing of predefined commands, allow export of history.
We divided this project in two parts, because, service must be started during boot time of your phone, or it will not work. Dividing in two parts, we can frequently update user interface to add more functions, without need of reboot:

Balance USSD Service

Service which has only one function - to capture USSD messages and forward them to second application - Balance Control.
It do not require permissions, except notification of boot.

Balance Control

This is user interface of project. It has few screens where we show:
1. USSD - log of all USSD messages.
2. History - USSD mixed with outgoing calls and outgoing SMS.
3. Actions - easy request of USSD - predefined buttons for requesting Balance, left minutes, left calls, left megabytes, left SMS - whatever gives to you your provider. Now we have such predefined actions, only for Bulgarian operators.
Here you can add your shortcuts - if you know request codes. If you don't know - you can call us ( for assistance, and I hope, together we can add shortcuts for your provider also.
This application requires lot of permissions:
1. Write to external storage - we give you option to export as text file (tab delimited) - USSD, full history and commands. Also we give you opportunity to import commands (shortcuts for USSD requests).
2. Process outgoing calls - we need it for phones with more then one SIM card. We get from this event, slot of new call, and this way we know which slot is used for USSD request.
3. Internet and Access network state - now we use it, only for advertisements. This application is free, and only through advertisements, we can keep it free. In future we will add history of data usage, because it also can cost you money.
4. Call phone - to dial USSD code (request for USSD).
5. Read phone state - to know when call is over, and wait for USSD message. Some operators send ticket after every operation, which cost you money.
6. Read call logs, read SMS - for full history we rely on default logs of your device. Please be aware, if you delete logs, we cannot show those events in History.
7. Contacts - now we do not need contacts, but may be it will be better for you if we show not only number, but also name of callee.


Android application designed for viewing ECG and other signals.
Files should be downloaded to device and viewed with this application.
Now we provide direct visualization of demo files placed on our server.
Menu can be called through standard menu button or just with tap on screen.
Signals can be enlarged (to 20 mm/mV and 50mm/sec) or reduced (to 5 mm/mV and 12.5 mm/sec). Content can be dragged left and right, and up and down.
Through menu some patient data is accessible. Name of patient is not shown, for security reasons.

StribogECG uses biosig4c++ library for decoding different file types. Currently supports SCP, ECG, XML (HL7).
Sources of whole project are available at:
Direct download of application at

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